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Treatment, and Hope for Doreen!

We have a wonderful update about little Doreen. Thanks to the collaboration of many organisations who worked very quickly to find a solution, Doreen headed off to Mulago on the 20th of April to continue her chemotherapy treatment. She received her much-needed chemotherapy on the 21st of April and was returned home a few days later.

We are so grateful for the help from Carolyn from Jinja Pregnancy Center under Global Outreach International for finding and supporting a caretaker to stay with Doreen while she was in Kampala (although her grandmother, who takes care of her, would love to go it is not possible as she has five grandchildren, younger than Doreen, to look after)to TUSC Uganda for transporting not only Doreen but so many of our other patients to Kampala and back home again when her chemotherapy treatment was finished, to Kawempe Home Care for providing a place for Doreen and her caretaker to stay while she was undergoing treatment and of course to our nurses, clinicians, social worker and drivers for their endless care and efforts!

Together, we can make anything possible. Thank you as always to everyone for your continued support.

Doreen getting ready to head off to Mulago

Doreen at Mulago with her care-taker

One of our palliative nurses, David, checking in on Doreen at Mulago

Doreen, very happy to be heading home after her treatment!

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