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Poor people in all parts of the world live and die with little or no palliative care or pain relief. Staring into this access abyss, one sees the depth of extreme suffering in the cruel face of poverty and inequality. The abyss is broad and deep, mirroring relative and absolute health and social deprivation.

The Lancet Commission Report, October 12, 2017

Our first priority as an organisation is to provide palliative care, which is specialized holistic care, to improve the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with life-threatening illnesses. We strive to prevent and relieve suffering by means of early identification, thorough assessment and treatment of pain and other physical, social, psychological and spiritual problems.

Only an estimated 5% of cancers in Africa reach oncology or surgical services. Among our 1083 clients, enrolled in 2019, 56% have cancer, 22% severe HIV/AIDS, 9% HIV/AIDS and cancer, and 13% have other severe diseases or painful injuries.


For those where there is no possibility for treatment we provide home-based hospice care. We relieve their pains and other symptoms and help them live to their last day in peace, comfort, and dignity. We also work with the family and support them during this period of loss.


Whenever treatment is possible, we facilitate access to the care they need.

We provide care using a holistic approach with carefully designed programmes addressing the specific needs of the clients and their families.

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