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In 2019, we served 1083 patients. We keep our overhead very low to ensure that our resources go where they are most needed, and so that we can serve as many patients as possible. 

Please feel free to donate to a specific programme, or to donate any amount possible - a little bit goes a very long way and every cent is so crucial to our organisation and helping those in need. 

Thank you for your generosity!

Donate $
Can provide one person with a mattress
Can provide reusable diapers and a rubber sheet for a woman with advanced cervical cancer
treatment support.gif
Can pay for tests and treatment for a person with treatable cancer
Can pay school fees for a child in primary school and provide them with school materials for one year
pal care 1 year.gif
Can provide holistic palliative care for a person living with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness for one year

How your donation can help

Donating from outside Uganda? 

Avoid heavy bank transfer fees and donate through one of Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja's support organisations. They are all run by volunteers, with no administration fees.  

USA ($ USD or € Euro) : ‘Friends of Reach Out’ (accepts major credit cards and PayPal. Donations are tax exempt in the US)

Denmark (DKK): ‘With a Little Help…’

Donating from inside Uganda? 

Cheques should be issued to Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja or you can transfer directly to our accounts at Diamond Trust Bank:

Transfer To:


Standard Chartered Bank
One Madson Avenue
NY 10010-3603
Routing: 026002561

For Credit To:


Diamond Trust Bank Uganda Limited
Account No:3582-057440-001

Final Beneficiary:


Account No : 0090227002 (US $ Account)
Account Tittle : Rays of Hope-Hospice Jinja

Account No : 0090227001 (UGX account)
Account Tittle : Rays of Hope-Hospice Jinja


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