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Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja has provided palliative care for patients with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses since 2005 in the Busoga Region and Buikwe District in Uganda.


Most of our clients are bedridden, so care is done at their homes. Our teams of dedicated nurses, social workers, clinicians and drivers go every day on scheduled, regular visits deep into the far corners of some of the poorest areas in Uganda. We help our patients live every day that they have left without pain or needless suffering. The absolute poverty and last-mile isolation of the very sick means that RHHJ is often their only hope for treatment and care - making our work an immense and crucial challenge. 

Over the years, RHHJ has developed a strong holistic and comprehensive programme which addresses not only our patients' physical health needs, but also their emotional, spiritual and social needs. In 2019, we served 1083 severely ill patients with pain relief and symptom management throughout the Busoga Region. We have expanded our programme to include management not only of the terminally ill, but also to treatment support for those who have a hope of healing, cervical and breast cancer screenings, counselling, school fees support, food support, shelter, bereavement support and mattress and bedding support in order to comprehensively help as many people as we can through our program.


The reality is that illness affects not only the person afflicted by it, but the whole community around them - most especially their immediate families and children - and we want to alleviate the burden of illness on as many people as we can.

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