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Our Partners



Private Individuals and friends from all over the world Thank you so much to all our very many Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja friends who over the years faithfully and generously have supported our work. The gifts are of all sizes – given and received with love. Each and every gift will help a fellow human being here in Uganda breathe a little easier.

Organizations and companies Thank you very much for your trust in our activities and work and thank you for all your encouragement.  Your support has helped thousands of people with life-limiting diseases in Busoga Region and adjacent districts get the care they need and deserve. Your support also helps Rays of Hope and our partners to take a few small but important steps closer to the UN's Global Goals for sustainable development and better health and well-being. There is still a long way to go, but together we can make a difference. Thank you very much.

Friends of Reach Out HIV/AIDS Africa Initiative (FORO), USA has since 2016 given significant budget support in particular to clinical and social support as well as capacity building. Is a 501c3 organisation.

With a Little Help (WaLH), Denmark has since 2017 given significant budget support to patient care, treatment and disease prevention through screening.

African Palliative Care Association (APCA) has since 2016 supported initiatives to improve access to palliative care.

Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program (US Embassy, Uganda) has in 2021/22 provided support for establishment of cervical cancer screening clinics in Jinja District.

Busoga Forestry Company, Ltd , Uganda has since 2020 supported patients care and women’s cancer screening and treatment in Mayuge District.

ColoPlast, Denmark - has since 2020 made regular donations of colostomy bags to Rays of Hope In Uganda.

Friends of Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja, Portugal has in 2022 supported patients’ care and treatment.

Global Partners in Care (GPIC), USA has for many years  faithfully supported patient care.

International Women's Club Copenhagen (IOCC), Denmark - has in 2022 provided support for the diagnosis and treatment of women with cervical cancer.

Holstebro Rotary Club, Denmark - has since 2017 supported to treatment of cancer patients and building of 10 one-room houses, and later 7 two-room houses.

Life Giving Stream Tabernacle Church (Uganda) has since 2017 given support of food, clothes and other social support.

Love4Uganda (Sweden) has since 2017 supported social support activities.

Palliative Care Association of Uganda has as an umbrella organization in Uganda for palliative care for years provided support on many different levels.

PJ Broderick Memorial Foundation has since 2021 given support to implementation of activities.

Reach Out Schools Everywhere (ROSE), USA has since 2016 supported children of parents who are sick, orphaned by cancer or HIV/AIDS or who are sick themselves to get primary education.

Ragnhild Bruuns Fund, Denmark - since 2020 has supported improved access to early diagnosis and treatment of cervical and breast cancer in the Busiga Region of Uganda.

Rene industries, LTD, Uganda has since 2019 provided drugs for patient care.

St.Francis Health Care Services, Uganda has for years provided free residential care for our enrolled children with severe HIV/AIDS.

Topsoe Holdings Family Foundation, Denmark  - has in 2022 provided support for improved access to health and treatment also for the poorest in the outer districts of the Busoga Region.

Transport for Ugandan Sick Children (TUSC), UK – has since 2017 helped transport sick patients , who are unable to use public transport, to reach hospitals or other treatment centers.

Uganda Bikers, Uganda has since 2017 provided support in awareness raising, advocacy and material support  

...and never to be forgotten

Hospice Jinja Ireland (HJI), 
has during the period of  2007- 2021 provided significant support for both operational and capital costs. HJI seized to exist in 2021, transferring their remaining funds to FORO. We shall always be grateful for your love and care for the people of Busoga Region and for Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja. 

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