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You come

This story was narrated by one of our patients, Stephen, to our palliative care nurse, who wrote it down word for word:

When I smell, you still come!

When flies are all over my room, you still come!

When the weather is bad and the roads are impassable, you still come!

Even when there are Covid-19 travel restrictions, You still come!

What kind of people are You?

What am I to you?

You have treated me like a close family member. Yet you barely knew me.

At this point, I know am not going to get cured of this disease. But I thank you so much for continuing to come and check on me, asking me how am doing, taking away my pain, taking away the smell, taking away the flies, taking away the hunger and filling my heart with Joy. If it weren’t for you, I would be dead 8 months ago

As for today,

The food, soap, and comfort fund you brought for me has helped re-affirm my status as a father and provider in my family. I am 1000 times happier than what my diseased face can express.

Thank you so much Rays of Hope. If you find me alive next time, we shall continue with the talk, if You find me dead, please know that you have been my dearest friends in the last times of my life. My family and I are very very grateful.

May God reward you abundantly,


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