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In Loving Memory of a Special Young Boy, Abdullah

We want to remember a very special young boy today. Abdullah, who was only ten years old, lost his battle with endemic Kaposi’s Sarcoma of the lymph nodes early this week. We have known him and his wonderful mother since he was seven years old.

He and his mother fought a long, long battle to try to find a cure for him, spending over a year in Kampala while Abdullah received treatment. Abdullah was the youngest of eight children, and his mother’s complete devotion to him is incredibly touching and heartwarming. Unfortunately, his cancer did not respond at all to the first cycles of chemotherapy. We fundraised for additional treatment but unfortunately this did not work either.

Abdullah was the happiest boy despite his illness, and only wanted to play football with his friends. He touched all of our lives and we know he is in a better place. We continue to pray for his dear mother during this very difficult time.

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