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George is a 65 year old man who has a severe tropical ulcer on his lower right leg, which he has had for many years. The ulcer left him bedridden a few years ago, and his wife left him when he could no longer leave the house and take care of her and his family. This left him in the care of his elderly mother and a young niece – whom he is totally dependent on for everything. The family is extremely poor, being unable to work to provide for themselves.

Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja helps George with food support, comfort fund, a mattress and bedding as well as clinical palliative care for his wound. George was given a wheelchair and it gave him the freedom to leave his house and be outside, but unfortunately, about seven months ago it broke and after taking it to welders, they said it was beyond repair.

For seven months, George had once again been confined to his house, and the workload of his old mother has increased tremendously as she had to do everything for him – something she is not really strong enough to do. We gave George a wheelchair, which was generously donated to us. It has changed George’s life, and that of his mother greatly. It has given him back some of his independence and allowed him to leave his dark house and see the world.

Additionally, it has made his mother’s life so much easier! When we gave it to him, George’s mother raised her hands to the sky, thanking God for such a wonderful gift!

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