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A young man full of hope

Waiswa came to Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja in January 2016, when he was 12 years old. He was born with HIV/AIDS, and his treatment was not going well. Moreover, he had developed Kaposi’s Sarcoma, a cancer which is related to HIV/AIDS.

Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja supported him with food to help him take his AIDS medicine correctly, and he was taken for cancer treatment at Mulago Hospital in Uganda’s capital, Kampala in 2017. Waiswa responded well to his treatment, and he was now ready to go back to school. As he comes from an extremely poor family, his mother could not pay for school fees, so RHHJ supported him to go to school.

In May 2019 Rays of Hope also helped the family to get a small house as their old house was falling apart.

Wiaswa’s HIV/AIDS is now under control and the cancer is cured. Waiswa was discharged from the RHHJ medical programme in 2020, but he is still in the School Support Programme.

Waiswa has proved to be a very good and promising student and Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja is now trying to get him a stipend to a very good boarding school. After the school interview we received this beautiful letter from Waiswa – and we are now passing it on to you. No words could better express the importance of helping the people around us in need of care and support – one at a time. With a little help for body, mind and soul Waiswa is now flourishing, becoming the wonderful young man, that he was always meant to be – a young man to be seen by all ☺.

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