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School Fees - Social Support

When a parent falls sick going to school often becomes a distant dream for the children and the road out of poverty is closed.

Our clients are painfully aware of this and the worry for their children adds immensely to their overall suffering. When children in poor families fall sick they are often taken out of school, as the expense for their schooling will be seen as a waste of money. Whether sick with an untreatable cancer or with a very treatable disease like HIV/AIDS, the children suffer as they sense that they are given up upon and that there is no hope for them.

This is why Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja started a School Fee Support Programme which presently has more than 63 children enrolled. The children are helped with school fees, uniforms and scholastic materials. This programme helps the sick parent by giving them peace of mind, but very importantly it helps the children getting an education so that they one day can provide for their family and add to the development of their community.

In our work with clients and their families we are every day reminded that the need for school fee support is enormous and we hope to be able to expand this programme significantly over the coming years.

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