Treatment Support

Treatment Support - Clinical Care and Counselling
Treatment Support - Clicnical Care and Counselling
35 year old Alex cam to Rays of Hope in September 2016 in a very serious state with HIV/AIDS and disseminated Kaposi's Sarcoma. Rays of Hope helped him get treated for the sarcoma and his HIV/AIDS is well controlled.

Due to extreme poverty, lack of education and limited health services in Busoga region many of our clients are not able to access the diagnostic investigations and treatment they require. The result is that diseases which can actually be treated quite easily are left to develop the full course of disease causing immense suffering for the person and for their family.

In 2016 Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja started a special programme designed to help people with life threatening but possibly treatable diseases. We assist with transport, diagnostic tests and treatment and even upkeep for the very poor. If the family can afford to pay part of the expenses, we will cost share.

During 2017 76 clients received help to access diagnosis and treatment. Fifteen were fully cured and ready to go back to normal productive lives, others are still in treatment and 10 have passed away. . The average cost for those fully treated is around $200. A small price for a life, and a great investment in future development to keep a bread winner alive.

We collaborate with Transport for Ugandan Sick Children (TUSC) , which transports those who cannot use public transport or bring bigger groups when we have many who need to go to Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala (85 km).

We also work very closely together with Kawempe Home Care which in August 2016 opened a hostel for children who are undergoing investigations and treatment for cancer at Mulago. The children can stay and eat for free with their caretakers, and they are helped to go to scheduled appointments.

These two partnerships have not only kept the overall treatment costs down, they have made it possible for patients who otherwise never would receive treatment as they can’t find their way to and around Kampala, or be able to stay for the time that may be required, sometimes months.

Another important link in the chain of supporting and helping our patients referred to Mulago is a patient navigator, Zaina, who for years have been helping clients get through the maze of Mulago. Also, through her we can organize payments for tests, medicines or other support, which the clients may need.

Treatment Support - Clicnical Care and Counselling
Treatment Support - Clicnical Care and Counselling
Palliative Care Nurse Esther Apolot and driver Yacub from TUSC gives brief overview of the schedule to patients going for treatment at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala.
Treatment Support - Clicnical Care and Counselling
Children from Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja get excellent care from Kawempe Home Care’s New Hope Children’s Hostel while they undergo specialized treatment for cancer in Kampala
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