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Back To Life With Hope For The Future

October, 2017

Eva is a 28 year old mother, diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Nov. 2015 and treated for TB in early 2016. She was developing Kaposi’s Sarcoma in both legs in mid - 2016, but was only started on treatment for HIV/AIDS in September 2016, when her CD4 count was 13 ... Read More

Bringing Rays Of Hope For Seera And Her Family

Seera Betty is an illiterate 37 years old widow living with HIV/AIDS. She was started on treatment in 2012, but in 2014 she became paralyzed in right her right hand and left leg making her unable to move ... Read More

From Bed To Business

Kalogo is 20 year old, the 6th child of nine siblings. He joined Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja in July 2016 when he suffered from severe headaches and was losing vision on left eye and the eye started swelling. In August ... Read More

Rose Is Ready To GO Back To School

Rose was 14 years old, when she first came to Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja in October 2015. She is the first born of six children; the parents are small scale farmers. She had developed a big swelling on her neck, ... Read More

When Poverty Bites

December, 2017

On 12th Dec 2017, the Rays of Hope Hospice Team went to Buyende on routine patients care visits. Buyende is the Northern most district of Busoga region and one just included in our catchment area about five months ago ... Read More

When Dreams Come Through

Faizal was diagnosed with Kaposi’s sarcoma (endemic) in 2009 and was referred to Mulago Cancer Institute for treatment. Due to financial constraints he did not go. Faizal joined Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja in 2012 when he ... Read More

Going to school – a fundamental part of a healthy future

August, 2017

Abdu is 13 years old and he was born with HIV/AIDS. Both his parents died when he was young. Since then he has lived with different relatives, but nobody really helped him with his treatment. Abdu came to ... Read More

LATIBU Has A New House

August, 2017

Many of our Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja patients are living in deep poverty. They are staying in shelters or ‘houses’ not suited for human dwelling.
Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja has identified some of the patients ... Read More

A Miracle For Tom

May, 2017

Tom Bagalana was a happy, active boy until August 2015, when he fell from a tree into a cooking fire. The local hospital could not help, so he was referred to the national Mulago Hospital in Kampala for ... Read More

A Day In The Life Of Rays Of Hope Hospice Jinja

Tuesday 14 February, 2017 was a day like most other days at Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja. After morning prayers, conference and a quick cup of tea, two teams of palliative care clinicians and a drivers went off on home visits. Our team had the Nyenga route ... Read More

Back On The Road To Health

Alex , 35 years, was well until February 2016, where he started to get swelling of the left foot and leg. He went to local hospital and was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and ... Read More

Giving Hope Where There Is None

Doreen is 32 years old and a mother of four children. She is HIV+ and was started on ARV medicine for HIV/AIDS. She had a stroke which left her paralyzed in the right side of ... Read More

Leyah Is Now Living A Full Life Again

Leyah Kiwala is 29 years old. Twelve years ago a swelling started in her mouth and continued to grow. Four years later Leyah went for treatment at the National Referral Hospital in Kampala, but ... Read More


Waiting to die: Uganda's untreated cancer patients

ALJAZEERA - With his shoulders hunched forward and his hands curled over the curve of the steering wheel, James Isabirye scans a dusty road in southern Uganda for signs of life. The driver at Hospice Jinja is looking for a narrow inlet, somewhere between a neighbourhood ... Read More

The burden of Ugandas Health Care system lacks palliative care for the terminally ill

Uganda's health crumbling with health care neglected. Children, mothers, the elderly and the sick cannot find solace. Palliative care is non existent. ... Watch Video


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