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Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja treats and cares for over 450 patients in Busoga Region, one of the poorest regions of Uganda. Every day our teams of clinicians and social workers go deep into the rural villages on scheduled, regular visits. Most of our clients are bedridden so care is done at their homes. The more strong and mobile clients are attended to at near-by outreach centers, including government health centers, roadside clinics and at Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja office in Jinja.

Our work presents a great opportunity to help a person in need – whether sick with cancer, HIV/AIDS or any other life threatening disease or trauma. For the very advanced diseases we ease their pain and suffering and help our patients die in peace with dignity and love. For others we help them get the treatment they need, but are not able to access on their own.

The absolute poverty and last-mile isolation of our clients means Rays of Hope Hospice Jinja is often their only hope for treatment and care, making our work an immense and crucial challenge.

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